PMC Bonus Round Results

The Bonus Round for February 2018 will be taking place on Wednesday 7th February. Any pupils scoring 20 and over in the November PMC paper are invited to take part in the Bonus Round, schools have been notified of this.


PMC Bonus Round Results February 2017

We are pleased to announce that the 2016/2017 Primary Maths Challenge has been completed and the awards for the Bonus Round have been made.

63 000 pupils  entered in November, with 1932  pupils who scored 19 or more being invited to take part in the Bonus Round in February 2017.

In the Bonus Round 4 pupils scored full marks, 6 scored 24, 15 scored 23, 24 scored 22 and 44 scored 21. These 93 pupils will be receiving Gold awards. 302 pupils will receive Silver awards and 483 will receive Bronze awards. Congratulations to all the pupils who were invited to take part in the Bonus Round and especially to the award winners. This year we have introduced lapel badges in place of medals. We hope the children like them.

We received very positive feedback from pupils:

  • It made me realise how much I know.
  • Unbelievably hard but fun at the same time.
  • I found the paper very challenging and there were lots of red herrings in it.
  • It was really useful to practise using the PMC books. I think that helped to prepare me.
  • It was fun to do and also put my brain in a knot for some of the questions.
  • The questions were mind boggling.
  • I liked the trick in question 4. Too much thinking about circles!
  • I loved the maths challenge, especially the jokes which make it more fun. 


And from teachers:

  • This ties in superbly with the Mastery level of the new curriculum, providing suitable challenges with humour and a twist.
  • A challenging paper that covers a multitude of mathematical skills
  • A really good mix of questions and very challenging, which the high ability children loved.
  • Thank heavens there are people willing to undertake the task ( of writing the paper). Our Y6 look forward to the challenge.
  • Great ‘real life’ questions. Good mix of shape, fractions, percentages and measures. Great for vocabulary development . The children really enjoyed the challenge.
  • Great questions, brilliant for problem solving skills. I am going to use them as starters for lessons as they will make pupils think.
  • It is helpful to have had the PMC books in school and do some practice.
  • Clear and concise instructions on how to administer the paper
  • Administration… faultless as usual.


If your school has an award winner, why not contact your local press and ask them to include an article on him or her. If you contact the MA office we'll help by supplying a press release pro-forma for you.

You might be interested to read about Joe Benton, a Gold medal PMC winner who went on to represent the UK in the International Mathematics Olympiad. An interview with Joe is published in the Spring 2016 volume of Primary Mathematics.

The next round of PMC will take place in November 2017. Put a date in your diary to remind you to order your packs in September. Orders placed before October 9th qualify for the Early Bird discount.
The next round of PMC will take place in the week beginning 13th November 2017.

1803 Bonus Round OMR sheets were received in time to be entered into the February results. The distribution is shown here:







% of pupils







Feb 2017 Bonus Round Award Winners List.



 93 pupils scoring 21-25


302 pupils scoring 18-20


483 pupils scoring 15-17