The Challenge paper

There will be a total of 20 multiple choice questions, they will start with easy questions to encourage pupils in their own ability and gradually get harder throughout the paper. Pupils will have 45 minutes to complete the paper. They can use as much scrap paper as they wish but no calculators, rulers or other aids may be used.

The paper will encourage your pupils to think outside the box and approach questions in a logical manner.

How do I take part?

Participation must be done through schools only, we regret that individual students and their parents are not permitted to take part.

Schools order packs of FMC papers. Each pack contains 10 question papers – enough for 10 pupils. Packs are priced at £12.00 (£11 with early bird discount until 30th April 2020) plus VAT 20%.

We will post everything you need for the Challenge on 29th May 2020.

Orders for FMC 2020 are now open!

Then what?

Teachers will mark the pupil’s papers and send the results back to us using the online form provided - Please check your email. We will then arrange for certificates to be sent to each school accordingly. The boundaries for gold, silver and bronze will be outlined in a letter schools will receive with their certificates. Children will receive a minimum of a bronze certificate.

We will aim to get your certificates returned to you within a few days. Your certificates will be sent to you once the results have been received by the office. This will be done on an individual basis so you will not need to wait for everyone to take part in the Challenge before receiving your certificates.


Order your FMC packs here