The Challenge paper

There will be a total of 20 multiple choice questions, they will start with easy questions to encourage pupils in their own ability and gradually get harder throughout the Challenge. Pupils will have 45 minutes to complete all questions. They can use as much scrap paper as they wish but no calculators, rulers or other aids may be used.

The questions will encourage your pupils to think outside the box and approach problems in a logical manner.

How do I take part?

Participation must be done through schools, home schooled pupils contact us [here]

Schools order either online access to the FMC paper or a paper download. Access is sold in 10s. Online access is priced at £12.00 per 10 pupils plus VAT 20%.

Then what?

The online paper will be marked automatically and certificates will be available digitally as appropriate.

If you purchase the paper download you will need to mark the papers yourself. Certificates will be available both digitally and hard copy.

Terms and conditions



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