PMC Final Results 2005

Pupil's Comments

Do you think I'm a genius?

Really enjoyed it but it was tough

You need to use a bit of logic on some problems

Now that did make me think. Even my dad would have struggled!

Fantastic. I love these papers

Scary but fun

I liked shooting the bunnies!

Poor hungry Henrietta

Teacher's Comments

Some nice twists to the problems

Excellent variety of questions

Excellent source of questions

Some tricky problems. Staff had a good time puzzling some of the out

James liked the pictures and the funny names

Very stretching!

They really enjoyed it

Another treat

It challenged all of us!

Keep up the good work

More than 588 pupils (who scored 27 or more in the November 2004 PMC) were invited to take the PMC Finals in February this year. The mark distribution for the Finals was:








% of pupils








This year's Finals challenge was more difficult than the February 2004 paper and the mark distribution reflects this. The PMC Problems Team will aim to set a Finals paper for 2006 which challenges the best young mathematicians in the country whilst allowing other Finalists to score a respectable mark!

Last year we awarded 198 medals. This year PMC medals have been sent to 262 award-winners:


42 pupils scoring 25 - 30


67 pupils scoring 22 - 24


153 pupils scoring 18 - 21

There are award winners from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England. There are two from overseas!

Click here to download a list of award winners for the PMC Finals, February 2005.

Congratulations to all these pupils. They scored very high marks on a difficult challenge paper.

(Note: some names have been withheld at the school's request)