PMC Final Results 2006

Pupil's Comments

Made my brain ache

Mostly logic and reasoning - my favourite maths!

I was proud to represent my school

I enjoyed doing the maths challenge

Your brain gets a good workout!

It was hard but I stayed calm

It was hard but I like a good challenge

The problems even make our teachers think hard.

They ask really weird questions

You want to do well

Although it was hard it was still fun

A great mind bender

The mathematical disease was cheesy!

Good fun - better than numeracy hour in class

What's an ounce?

Teacher's Comments

Great mix of problems

Tricky - kept the staff busy for hours after the test!

Thomas was thrilled to have reached the Finals

I am thinking of using some of the problems at our next staff INSET on problem solving!

Difficult - it caused debate and discussion in the staffroom.

Pupils loved the idea of seeing 40 ears and 66 legs out of your window

Another cracking ingenious set test - many thanks

Stimulating experience for our most able children

I think the whole process is very rewarding for the children

The challenge promotes a feeling of success for the more able

Excellent challenge

Loved the humour!

The level was spot on as always

Another fantastic paper

A true test of mathematics

Refreshingly different from school maths

Animated conversation afterwards

No member of staff could do Q25

Great fun - different to SATS stuff!

I loved Q15

More than 1000 pupils were invited to take the Finals this year (pupils who scored 27 or more in the November 2005 PMC). The paper was a little more difficult this year - here is the mark distribution:








% of pupils








This year's Finals challenge was more difficult than the February 2005 paper and the mark distribution reflects this. The PMC Problems Team will aim to set a Finals paper for 2007 which challenges the best young mathematicians in the country whilst allowing other Finalists to score a respectable mark!

Last year we awarded 262 medals. This year PMC medals have been sent to 340 award-winners:


48 pupils scoring 22 - 30


90 pupils scoring 20 - 21


202 pupils scoring 17 - 19

There are award winners from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England. There are two from overseas!

Click here to download a list of award winners for the PMC Finals, February 2006.

Congratulations to all these pupils. They scored very high marks on a difficult challenge paper.

(Note: some names have been withheld at the school's request)