PMC Final Results 2007

Pupil's Comments

Not exactly torture but very tricky

I enjoyed having to think HARD

This was evil but loads of fun

It made my mum think too!


We liked SIDRAT and Mr Washalot

The PMC is my favourite maths test

Teacher's Comments

A fantastic challenge

Nice touches of humour

Our gifted pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience

Admin easy - we shut Liam in a stock cupboard

It greatly stimulated their thinking

Mr Washalot - nice PC touch

Usual excellent high standard

Stimulating and thought provoking

Instructions idiot-proof

Excellent as always

More than 1400 pupils were invited to take the Finals this year (pupils who scored 27 or more in the November 2006 PMC). Following feedback from previous years, the Finals paper was easier this year. We will aim to have similar Finals papers in the future. Here is the mark distribution for February 2007:








% of pupils








The PMC Problems Team set a Finals paper for February 2007 which challenged the best young mathematicians in the country whilst allowing other Finalists to score a respectable mark! As can be seen, the large majority achieved more than 50%.

This year more than 320 PMC medals have been sent to award-winners:


41 pupils scoring 28 - 30


114 pupils scoring 26 - 27


174 pupils scoring 24 - 25

There are award winners from all parts of the UK and from overseas!

Click here to download a list of award winners for the PMC Finals, February 2007.

Congratulations to all these pupils. They scored very high marks on a difficult challenge paper.

(Note: some names have been withheld at the school's request)