PMC Final Results 2008

Some pupils' comments on this year's PMC Finals

I love doing the PMC papers

It was a real challenge but fun

The cat and kittens were cute

I'm going to see if my dad can do this

Pink is a girlie colour

It wasn't boring

I liked the funny names

I felt nervous but proud of myself

An answer or two got me through

It is true that teachers need chocolate


They really made me think

Some teachers' comments

Great questions to challenge and enthuse children

Fantastic for the very able

A great extension for the gifted and talented

Pupils were challenged and inspired

Few resourced provide such great material

I used the problems for class discussion

It made the strongest young mathematicians think

Great paper - very enjoyable many thanks

The PMC doesn't reflect the government's numeracy guidelines

There is usually an intuitive way into each question

Excellent - keep it up

Great fun as usual

It stretched the very able children

Challenging but not impossible

It captured their interest

Some cracking questions

Thought provoking

Fun and genuinely interesting

Loved it

Challenging yet do-able

Another masterpiece

She came out buzzing with excitement

751 pupils were invited to take the Finals this year (pupils who scored 27 or more in the November 2007 PMC). The Finals paper was a little harder which is shown in the mark distribution for February 2008:









 % of pupils








The PMC Problems Team set a Finals paper for February 2008 which challenged the best young mathematicians in the country. Congratulations to all pupils who took the Finals. Good luck to them in future maths challenges!
This year 327 PMC medals have been sent to award-winners:




51 pupils scoring 21 - 30





104 pupils scoring 18 - 20





172 pupils scoring 15 - 17


There are award winners from all parts of the UK and from overseas!

Click here to download a list of award winners for the PMC Finals, February 2008.

Congratulations to all these pupils. They scored very high marks on a difficult challenge paper.

(Note: some names have been withheld at the school's request)