PMC Bonus Round

In November 2023, we conducted the first round of the Primary Mathematics Challenge, which saw the participation of over 64,000 students.

The event commenced on November 6th and lasted for two weeks. We received some incredible results from the participants, and the enthusiasm and excitement for the event were palpable.

Following the first round, we invited students who scored 20 or above to participate in the Bonus Round, a more challenging paper held in February 2024.

This year, we saw a record number of students - 4,500 - participating in the Bonus Round.

We are pleased to announce the gold, silver, and bronze boundaries for the Bonus Round results.


 23 - 25       153 Pupils  


 20 - 22       767 Pupils


 17-19         1187 Pupils      

We extend our congratulations to all participants of the Challenge, including students who scored 17 or above.

February 2024 Bonus Round Award Winners List

Certificates and stickers will be sent to the participants of the Bonus Round.

We are also offering pin badges to anyone who wishes to purchase one. The badges are free, but there will be a postage cost for each order.

To place your order for badges, schools/parents/carers can visit the MA shop. Orders can be placed until 20th March 2024, and delivery will take around 4-5 weeks