FMC Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the FMC for?

The First Mathematics Challenge (FMC) has been specifically created to give all pupils in aged between 7 and 9 the opportunity to take part in a National Challenge. If you have a pupil you would like to put forward for the Challenge but they are younger than 7, it is at your discretion. 

How do they take part?

The FMC is available as either an online challenge or as a paper download. The paper is the same for both formats.

Pupils get 45 minutes to complete the Challenge, whether online or on paper. 

The online Challenge works on iPads and most computers. If you are unsure Please try this past paper to test your device

When does the FMC take place?

FMC will take place at a time to suit you during 10

How much does it cost?

Orders placed before 30th April are subject to Early Bird Discount. 

Early Bird PDFs cost £11.00 plus VAT (20%) per 10 pupils. PDFs ordered after the Early Bird deadline of the 30th April will be priced at £12.50.

Online orders per 10 pupils cost £12.00 plus VAT per 10 pupils. Online orders placed after the Early Bird deadline (30/04/2024) are £13.50

How many papers do you get in an order?

Orders will be online or available as a paper download (PDF). Orders placed are for 10 pupils for both online and the paper download. 

PDF Papers purchased for download will need to be printed by yourself.

How do I place my order?

You should place your order using the online order form on this website. You are given the option to pay by credit/debit card using our secure payment processor SagePay, or by invoice – please provide a purchase Order number and a separate email address for your finance department.

Orders placed up to the 23rd June can request an invoice. order placed on or after the 24th June must be paid for when placing the order to receive the Challenge in good time. 

I have placed my order, now what?

Once your order has been placed with us you don't need to do anything further.

A confirmation email for your order will be sent, with an invoice to follow if specified.

Order details and follow up information will be sent through by email. Links for the online Challenge and the download link will be sent to the contact teacher 7 working days before the first day of the Challenge. Everything you need for the Challenge to take place, including the answers and the certificates will be included in this email. 

Please note this is dependent on payment. If your invoice is unpaid at this date your Challenge materials will be sent through as soon as payment has been received. 

How do I access the online paper results for my pupils?

Please take a look at this short video guide to accessing your pupils results

I haven’t received my order. What do I do?

We send everything through via email for the FMC. 

You may need to add the domain to your safe senders list to ensure our emails come through. Please also check junk mail if you are having trouble finding our emails.

Please check the invoice has been paid. Access and PDFs will only be sent once payment has been processed.

Can I photocopy the FMC papers?

While they are protected by copyright held by The Mathematical Association, for the purposes of downloading the paper you can photocopy up to the number of papers purchased by your school.

When do the results need to be sent to FMC office?

Results can be sent as soon as you have them. We will leave the submission open for schools to add it at any time. 

We collect your results to ensure the paper is pitched at the right level for your students. While we suggest boundaries for the certificates, ultimately this decision is yours.

SEND Pupils – additional provisions

If you have a pupil who is allowed extra provisions in formal testing then we will allow the same provision for that child taking part in the FMC. If you are unsure give us a call on 0116 2210014.

Can overseas schools take part?

Yes. We are happy to receive orders from overseas schools.

Can I order subsequent papers if I do not have enough?

Yes. Please call or email us to let us know that you are placing a second order otherwise it may be classed as a duplicate order and deleted.

How do you deal with GDPR?

All information handled by The Mathematical Association/First Mathematics Challenge is covered by our privacy policy, which can be viewed here

Can I post the paper on social media?

As we are giving schools a three week period in which to do the paper, we would ask that you do not post any content from the paper on any social media platforms during this time. We are happy for you to post the front page but please make sure this is all! After the Challenge has taken place you can post as you wish, but please respect the schools who may not have had a chance to take part until the last day.

Can schools send pictures to the FMC office?

Yes please! We will actively encourage all schools to send us as much feedback and photos of their pupils enjoying the Challenge as possible.

If you give your permission, we will use your photos on our website and in our advertising where appropriate.