PMC Bonus Round Results 2012

(Go to Downloads for a copy of the February 2012 PMC Bonus Round paper)

We had some very positive feedback again this year. Teachers appreciated the good range of questions in the paper and the inclusion of topical questions related to current events. They commented on the appropriate level of challenge and the need for pupils to reason out their answers.
We ask pupils to use an OMR sheet for their answers to this round and some of you commented on the complexity of the instructions for using the OMR sheet! True, it is a little complex, but we are sure that pupils who are performing at this level can cope with it!

Pupil's Comments:

I was so excited I developed a rash
I liked the names used, like Aunty Histamine
It was really good fun and challenging
The questions were clear and easy to understand
It stretched me
Challenging, but not too challenging


Teacher's Comments:

Very smooth and easy to administer
A good selection of questions
Well worth doing
Pupils had to think hard
They liked the fact that many of the questions could be answered in different ways
It is a real challenge and extends the minds of these young mathematicians
A good extension to the November paper


924 Bonus Round papers (OMR sheets) were marked and the distribution is shown here:







% of pupils






Most of the pupils seemed to have enjoyed it, judging by the feedback comments.
Most award winners are from England but it is good to see some from Northern Ireland, Scotland, The Republic of Ireland, The Netherlands, Tokyo and Hong Kong as well as the 'home education' group.



30 pupils scoring 24 - 25


186 pupils scoring 21 - 23


186 pupils scoring 19 - 20


Click here for a list of award winning pupils for the PMC Bonus Round 2012.