PMC Bonus Round Results 2013

(Go to Downloads for a copy of the February 2013 PMC Bonus Round paper)

We had some excellent results in the Bonus Round this year. We invited an unusually large group of pupils to take part, as a result of the large number of high scoring pupils in November.
As usual some people thought the paper was harder than last year's and some thought it easier. In general it was seen as a good challenge for the pupils and 'quite a step up from the November paper'.
Several schools told us that this year was their first year being involved in the Bonus Round and how much they had enjoyed the experience. We are always delighted to hear from the schools who participate in PMC and it is good to know that PMC helps to raise the profile of mathematics in schools.

Pupil's Comments:

Mind boggling
!Fun questions... lots of different types
My brain hurts, but in a good way
I loved the quirky questions and the names of the characters
I loved the algebra and the one about ARKY Meedes


Teacher's Comments:

If only all tests were as easy to administer
Seamless administration as usual. Clear and simple with good instructions
It created quite a buzz in school and increased the profile of maths and problem solving
Thank you for providing such thought provoking questions
The usual eclectic collection of fun but fiendish questions
Pupils need to 'think outside the box'.


1652 Bonus Round papers (OMR sheets) were marked and the distribution is shown here:







% of pupils






Most of the pupils seemed to have enjoyed it, judging by the feedback comments.
Most award winners are from England but it is good to see some from Northern Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.



40 pupils scoring 24 - 25


168 pupils scoring 22 - 23


314 pupils scoring 20 - 21


Click here for a list of award winning pupils for the PMC Bonus Round 2013.