PMC Bonus Round Results 2014

(Go to Downloads for a copy of the February 2014 PMC Bonus Round paper)

We were pleased with the results of the Bonus Round this year. The November 2013 paper proved to be harder than the previous few years’ papers and only 520 pupils were invited to take part in the Bonus Round. 14 pupils scored full marks on the Bonus Round and 25 achieved 24/25 marks, so there are 39 Gold Medal winners. There are 75 Silver Medal winners and 142 Bronze Medal winners. Congratulations to all the children who took part in the Bonus Round, and especially to the medal winners. Congratulations to the teachers too, for enabling the children to achieve so well.

Teachers told us that they liked the paper and many teachers use it, after the allocated date, to challenge their high achieving pupils.

Pupil's Comments:

  • It really tested your limits.
  • How could you do this to us?
  • Fun because the questions were different.
  • Mind boggling questions
  • Your brain has to do lots of different things
  • I felt really proud I was taking part in the challenge.

Teacher's Comments:

  • A good range of questions.. different areas of maths and contexts.
  • Super as always; a real challenge, but fun.
  • A great paper
  • Tough. But my top maths set enjoyed the challenge of thinking outside the box.
  • Pupils loved the quirky plays on words used for the names in the paper.
  • A good paper... something for everyone. Though we found it more demanding than recent years.
  • Provided an excellent challenge for our most able mathematicians

502 Bonus Round papers (OMR sheets) were marked and the distribution is shown here:







% of pupils







Most of the pupils seemed to have enjoyed it, judging by the feedback comments.
Most award winners are from the United Kingdom but it is good to see some from Holland, Bangkok, Tokyo and Muscat.



39 pupils scoring 24 - 25


75 pupils scoring 22 - 23


142 pupils scoring 19 - 21


Click here for a list of award winning pupils for the PMC Bonus Round 2014.