PMC Bonus Round Results 2015

The 2014/15 Primary Maths Challenge was a success!

Over 79000 pupils in 2035 schools entered with 1184 pupils who scored 21 or more being invited to take part in the Bonus Round in February 2015.

8 pupils scored full marks, 12 scored 24/25 and 30 scored 23/25. These 50 pupils will be receiving Gold medals. 153 pupils will receive Silver medals and 327 will receive Bronze medals. Congratulations to all the pupils who were invited to take part in the Bonus Round and especially to the medal winners.

We thought our politicians would like to know about the excellent achievements of your pupils, so we sent a copy of PMC papers to Education ministers and to the members of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Maths and Numeracy and asked them to try the questions and let us know how they did. We have only had one response so far, from Nick Gibb, Minister of State for School Reform. He has not had time yet to try the paper, but is looking forward to doing so. Let us know what you think, Nick!

We received very positive feedback from pupils:

  • Very challenging. But I like to be challenged
  • Trickier than the practice papers.
  • I liked the fact I had to use my general knowledge as well as my mathematics to answer the questions.
  • They made the questions quite fun in a way.
  • It wasn't that scary once I started.
  • I think the PMC is brilliant.
  • There were two questions that really stumped me.
  • I hope in the future you will stop your 'when does blah meet blah?' questions!

And from teachers:

  • A set of challenging questions promoting mathematical thinking.
  • An excellent variety of questions and a good level of challenge.
  • Good to see the mathematicians who have flexibility in their approach to problem solving.
  • Pitched just right for my highest achievers, challenging them in new ways. They enjoyed the cryptic nature of the questions.
  • Loved it! Some great questions to promote discussion and reasoning.
  • This was the first time we got through to the Bonus Round, so it was great to participate and stretch our able pupils.
  • Everyone is excited about our two pupils who got through to the Bonus Round. What a great achievement.

If your school has a medal winner, why not contact your local press and ask them to include an article on him or her. If you contact the MA office we'll help by supplying a press release pro-forma for you.

The next round will take place in November 2015. Put a date in your diary to remind you to order your packs in September. Orders placed before October 5th qualify for the Early Bird discount.
The next round of PMC will take place in the week beginning November 16th 2015.

1054 Bonus Round OMR sheets were received in time to be entered into the February results. The distribution is shown here:







% of pupils








50 pupils scoring 23-25


153 pupils scoring 20-22


327 pupils scoring 17-19

Click here for a list of award winning pupils for the PMC Bonus Round 2015.