PMC Final Results 2010

We received good feedback from Finalist schools. Some teachers thought this year's Finals paper was easier than last year's, others thought the opposite! The mark distribution is shown below. A few teachers felt the paper was 'wordy'. There was a confusion in one problem over a rectangle and a square - sorry! Here are a few other comments.

Pupil's Comments:

I thought it was the best test ever - it really motivated me

Lots of different methods

That really got me thinking

It looked easy but it wasn’t

Really proud to have reached this far

I liked Chris Packet

They tried to trick us but I spotted it

Ickle Pickle was lovely

Ickle Pickle is my friend

Good to have it on recycled paper

I was absorbed into it

More interesting than a numeracy lesson

Glad it was multiple-choice

Brilliant names for people

Why does a café need 60 combinations?

I really enjoyed taking the PMC

Teacher's Comments:

Very worthwhile event for any school to enter

They were really excited about doing the challenge

Great paper - the pupils were seriously challenged

Some tricky ones in there

Great to see Sophie pushed and extended!

Challenging but accessible - just right

A welcome challenge for our bright young mathematicians

It really makes children think about maths in a different way

A ‘real’ maths paper - well done

Encouraged deep thinking

A thoroughly good challenge paper

We'll use the problems in Puzzle Club

Fantastic paper - I loved doing it

An assortment of excellent problems


2045 pupils were invited to take the Finals this year (pupils who scored 21 or more in the November 2009 PMC). The mark distribution was as shown:







% of pupils






The PMC Problems Team set a Finals paper for February 2010 which challenged the best young mathematicians in the country. Congratulations to all pupils who took the Finals and good luck to them in future maths challenges!

This year we awarded more medals than in any previous year. 414 PMC medals have been sent to award-winners. All Finalists also are awarded a PMC Finals certificate.



37 pupils scoring 24 - 25


145 pupils scoring 22 - 23


265 pupils scoring 20 - 21

Click here to download a list of award winners for the PMC Finals, February 2010.