PMC Final Results 2011

(Go to Downloads for a copy of the February 2011 PMC Finals paper)

Feedback this year was very good with some wonderful comments from pupils and teachers - see below for a few comments. Many thought that this year’s Finals paper was harder than last year, and this is reflected in both the mark distribution and also in the medal and certificate award marks.Again, some teachers thought the paper was wordy; others congratulated the PMC Problems Team on setting lots of great ‘real life’ problems.
The snow caused some postal problems with the December deadline and we have tried to be as helpful as we can in accepting returns which were lightly over the stated date.

Pupil's Comments:

I wouldn't want to drink Toad Juice

Stretching but not scary

Utterly terrifying yet strangely enjoyable


My brain reached its elastic limit

If you use logic they become easier

I needed full concentration


I was scared and excited at the same time

Most questions were do-able

Would your dad give you £1000?

I liked Ped L Pusher

My brain is really buzzing now

I liked the funny names

It didn't feel like a test

Not too easy but not impossible

It was a brilliant test and I am glad I had the chance to experience it

Teachers' Comments:

Very interesting discussion afterwards

Stretched - but they loved it

Great scratching of heads

Admin excellent - almost faultless

Appropriate for a Finals paper

Tricky - as it should be

I enjoyed the questions myself

Some excellent 'real life' dilemmas

Written in such a lively relevant style

Encouraged systematic working

Challenging but fair

Really tough this year

A brilliant challenge

Thrilled to have someone in the Finals

Brian was left speechless!

No one could ever accuse you of dumbing down the PMC Finals

Lunchtime in the staffroom - teachers argued about the answers

Creative application of maths knowledge and skills needed

Fantastic motivator

It extended our most able mathematician

Our first pupil to sit the Finals and she loved it

We used a governor for invigilation

Great questions


981 Finals Results papers (OMR sheets) were marked and the distribution is shown here:







% of pupils







Many Finalists found the paper harder than last year but most seemed to have enjoyed it, judging by the feedback comments. Some teachers thought the paper was too wordy but most felt that it was a good challenge paper and that their pupils had benefitted from the ‘experience’! Most award winners are from England but it is good to see some from Northern Ireland, Scotland, The Republic of Ireland and The Netherlands as well as the ‘home education’ group.



33 pupils scoring 23 - 25


163 pupils scoring 20 - 22


165 pupils scoring 18 - 19

Click here for a list of award winning pupils for the PMC Finals February 2011.