Team Members

These are the people who work on the PMC. They are volunteers. They enjoy setting problems which are intended to motivate and 'stretch' young people!

PMC Management Team

Katherine Milner - Chair of the PMC Committee
Independent Primary Mathematics Consultant

Lesley JonesLesley Jones 
Formerly Head of Primary Teacher Training, Goldsmiths University of London and ex-Editor of Mathematics in School.

Peter BaileyPeter Bailey - Former Chair of the PMC Management Team
Retired (previously worked in Birmingham secondary schools).

Alan SlomsonAlan Slomson
Retired from the School of Mathematics, University of Leeds.

Alex Voice
Head of Mathematics, Westminster Abbey Choir School, London.

Colin Abell
Mathematics teacher, St Edwards CE(A) Middle School, Leek.

Robyn Pickles
Senior Teacher at East Haddon CEVC Primary school, Northants


PMC Problems Team

Sue Barber
Headteacher of St Josephs Primary School, Borough

Rudolf Loewenstein
Catholic priest, teaching at St Christina's School, London.

John Place
Magdalen College Junior School, Oxford.

Joe Tazzyman
Teacher of Mathematics at Stanley Park Junior School, Surrey.

Brian Weller
Northampton University

Ruth Bull

Mary Teresa Fyfe

Colin Abell

Peter Bailey

Mark Horely

Lesley Jones

Shall Mansha

Katherine Milner

Carl Minns

Jonathan Vine

Alex Voice

We welcome people to join the PMC problems team. Email for further information.